This Sunday brought with it the start of a one month countdown until my 26th birthday. Just to make sure we're absolutely clear, I love birthdays. I don't really care whose birthday it is, I just believe them to be a day for being happy, excited, loved and spoilt. 

In light of my special day, I've been thinking about the things I'm most hankering after and have assembled them into a birthday wishlist. I haven't done this as a hint to other people (honestly), but because I receive a cheque for my birthday which means I get the choice on what to spend it on...

Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzing Makeup Base
A friend recommended this to me, and I consequently trialled hers. I loved it and have always intended to buy it, but that has never actually materialised. Whilst it's got a fairly hefty price tag (£29), because it's cream based, it will last for ages and a little goes a long way. 

Vivienne Westwood - Naughty Alice Perfume

I want this simply for the name! Naughty Alice - it's got to be mine. I've heard reviews that it's a lovely scent, and the website describes it as 'Sexy, musky yet comforting. Naughty Alice enlivens the senses and is the perfect example of modern femininity. This chic feminine and provactive perfume leaves you with a naughty twinkle in the eye.' - Yes please!

Topshop Crescent Moon Highlighter

I adore highlighters, I have quite defined cheeks so I think a highlighter can look really pretty. This looks absolutely beautiful and I'd love to try it. 

Kenwood SB054 Smoothie to Go

I'd like to start making fresh fruit smoothies to make sure I'm getting my 5 a day, plus I think they'd be fun to make! This looks cool and reasonably priced. 

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

I've wanted this for so long, so this may well be my gift to myself. It's just gorgeous, I love MK watches, and I'm obsessed with rose gold so this would be a dream. I've never particularly wanted a watch before, and never worn one, but I know this would be the one to convert me. 

Digital Camera

I'm pretty non specific about which camera I get, though the above (Panasonic Lumix TZ8) looks pretty good. I want a digital camera because I'll be going on two holidays this year (at least) - Morocco and Greece, and I want to be able to take some decent pictures without worrying about losing my iPhone in a souk/swimming pool. 

Have you tried any of the products on my wishlist? I'd love to hear what you'd have on yours!