I like the rest of the UK, have found my surroundings blanketed in snow the last few days. I've got a love-hate relationship with the snow. When I hear the weather forecasters announce that snow is on it's way, I get a flurry of excitement inside, and when the first snow flakes fall I wonder at it's beauty.

That feeling doesn't actually last long.

Once I've slipped a few times due to failure of having snow-appropriate shoes, my trains been cancelled, and my new exercise regime has been disrupted, I positively hate the stuff and can't wait for it to melt away for another year.

However, saying this, I did head out into my local park the weekend just gone, and was amazed at how beautiful it looked. I ran about, had snowball fights and attempted to make a snow man (gave up), and I LOVED every moment of it. I spent a good couple of hours walking around and feeding the ducks (I thought they'd be starving in a semi frozen pond, but alas - the majority of park goers had had the same premonition). It was a great day.

As the snow from my pavements now begins to melt, I can breathe a sigh of relief - normal life can soon resume.

Except, wait... is it snowing again?