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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch

I don't know about you, but I've put the Michael Kors craze behind me and moved onto something a little more classic. This rose gold beauty from Olivia Burton is now what graces my wrist daily, and I couldn't be happier with it.

The partnership between the rose gold face and mink leather strap looks so timeless and elegant, and the watch has so many other delicate touches (like a bird motif on the underside) that make it even more perfect. I have the midi size face which I think is just right as it's understated and something I think that I'll be happy to wear for years to come.

The best bit, is that the watch costs £65, which considering the quality - is excellent value for money.

What's your favourite Olivia Burton watch? 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Samsung Mobile Makeover

On Tuesday, I was kindly invited to an event courtesy of Three Mobile. The event was held at the Illamasqua Makeup School in London with six other bloggers, where we were taught how to create the perfect brow look whilst documenting our evening on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone. 

I always knew that Illamasqua had a makeup artistry school, but hadn't realised they had such an extensive range of courses that were very much 'in budget' for those not necessarily looking to train as a makeup artist. The Eyebrow Effects course we took normally costs £60 and lasts for 2 hours, with one of the Illamasqua Makeup Artists teaching you how to do a range of brow looks, from natural, power brows and a coloured ombre brow. Turns out I'm not very gifted with eyebrows and couldn't really get the hang of it, although I've definitely come away with some great tips on how to make mine look better. 

We were loaned a Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone for the evening to take lots of photos of our experience and to test it's capabilities. As an avid iPhone user, I was actually really surprised at the quality of the phone, particularly it's camera. Apparently the phone was designed with women in mind - and this is very much apparent as the camera is seriously flattering. 

I had a great evening - thanks so much to Three, Samsung and Illamasqua for having me. Any #selfie addicts out there should definitely give the Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone a whirl! 

Whats your phone brand of choice? 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Mid Week Pamper

I've always been one to reserve my Sunday evenings for a pamper session, but more recently I've started to embrace the idea of a mid-week pamper, a moment to recharge my batteries and take a bit of time out. With the inevitable stresses of work, commuting and general daily life, it's a real treat to just take 30 minutes of my evening to lie back, take a deep breath and let everything melt away.

It's no secret that I spend most of my life sitting in candlelight, but when I'm looking to relax then a candle is simply obligatory. My go to candle for a mid week pamper is Lavender Musk from Bomb Cosmetics, as the lavender scent is perfectly soothing pre bedtime.

I always add a bath bomb from Lush when I'm looking to chill out, as not only is it always very visually pleasing, but the bombs always melt into the water surrounding me with nourishing oils and a beautiful scent. For those times where I'm short for time (or trying to be economical), I'll pop in a couple of the Zoella Fizz Bar segments which smell lovely.

If I really don't have time for a bath but want to take a bit of time out for myself anyway, then I'll have a hot shower with a beautiful smelling shower gel. My current favourite is the Cherry & Almond Frangipane from Cafe De Bain. It quite literally smells good enough to eat, and leaves my skin lovely and soft.

I think we should all take a bit more time mid-week to pamper ourselves. It really helps balance the mind and makes the wait for the weekend that bit less desperate.

What are your favourite products for a mid week pamper session? 

Monday, 19 January 2015

What's In My Bag?

I've always loved reading other people's What's In My Bag posts, as let's be honest, it's nice to have a bit of a snoop. As it's been two years since I first revealed the contents of my bag - I thought it was high time I did 2.0 version.

My current bag is the Mulberry Del Rey in Evergreen which I picked up in the sales earlier this month (here it is in all it's glory). My purse is also from Mulberry, and whilst it's looking pretty sad and battered, it was a hand me down from my mum a few years ago - so it's quite sentimental and I'm finding it hard to replace!

Here's what else I carry around with me on a day to day basis...

Batiste Dry Shampoo Mini // Jo Malone Cologne (Pomegranate Noir) // Bath & Body Work's Antibacterial Hand Gel (Sweet Pea)

What do you keep in your bag? 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Sephora Paris Haul

If you read this post, you'll know that shopping was fairly high on the agenda on my NYE trip to Paris. I was lucky enough to receive a €100 Sephora gift card from my boyfriend for Christmas, so obviously spending it was top priority. I visited three different Sephora stores, on four different occasions so really took the whole thing quite seriously.

First to come home with me, was the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. I actually didn't own any Bobbi Brown makeup prior to this, but had used one of my sisters eyeshadows (in Ballet) over Christmas and fell in love with it. Sadly they didn't have Ballet, but I thought Rose Gold was super pretty and a great shade to wear on a daily basis.

Next on the agenda was the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which I've wanted for ages. It was between this and Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which I still think is lovely but preferred the shade match and finish of this. I've been wearing it nearly every day and can't fault it - it's dewy but not excessively and lasts all day - I love it.

Finally I picked up this Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Obsessive. This is such a pretty shade that falls in the light pink/peach spectrum. It's not as powdery as other blushes I've tried, so I do have to swirl my brush around a couple of times to get enough product, but it's such a beautiful shade that really lasts on my skin, so I'm delighted with it.

Have you tried any of these products? What's on your Sephora wish list?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

For The Skin: Witch Hazel

Witch is a brand that catapults me back to my teenage years - those years where regular skincare routines weren't maintained. I always remember turning to Witch for spot treatments, but as my skin has now improved with age, my knowledge of the brand hasn't.

Witch very kindly remedied this by sending me a few products from their range to try. The first product was their Witch Bursting Beads Face Wash* which contains green 'bursting beads' that release witch hazel onto the skin - helping to remove excess oils and tackle the root cause of spots. I keep this in my shower and have really enjoyed using it in the morning - particularly as my skin isn't left feeling tight or dry after use. This has definitely helped to keep my skin bright and soft over the last few weeks, and although I do have face wash products I prefer, I think this would be particularly good for young girls.

Next up (and my personal favourite) is the Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel*. Gone are the days where we have to sit with blackhead strips across our noses, as Witch have come to the rescue with this product. The gel is oil-free and lightweight and works by gently exfoliating dead skin cells to clear and contract pores and leave the skin looking clearer and more radiant. I massage a pea sized amount of gel onto my nose and chin for a few minutes until the gel has started to separate (which is essentially the dead skin cells coming away). I've noticed a visible reduction in blackheads, and whilst they've not totally vanished - there has been an improvement. For anyone who suffers with blackheads, I'd definitely recommend giving this product a try.

The Bursting Beads Face Wash costs £3.99 and the Black Head Clearing Gel costs £4.99 and both are available from Boots or Superdrug.

Do you use any Witch products? What are your favourites?

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Monday, 12 January 2015

French Pharmacy Haul

It's impossible to go anywhere in France without going into one of their pharmacies - it doesn't take much effort either as they are literally everywhere you turn. During my recent Paris trip, I dragged my boyfriend in and out of pharmacies to find all the products I desperately wanted to get my hands on.

First up, I made sure to stock up on my Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellar Water. Whilst this is pretty readily available in the UK nowadays it's considerably cheaper in France, and more often that not on offer, so I picked up a couple of the large bottles to keep me going for a while. I also picked up the La Roche Posay Serozinc - a toning mist which is meant to be great at keeping skin in check, and I'm really looking forward to trying it.

I then picked up some Klorane Conditioning Balm with Mango Butter which I've heard is a lovely rich conditioner for keeping hair silky smooth. Next on my shopping list was the much raved about NUXE Reve De Miel Lip Balm, which has already rescued my lips as they were quite chapped from the cold Paris air. Last but not least, I picked up the Embyolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate which I've heard is an amazing moisturiser and primer and I'm really looking forward to giving it a try.

I'm sure I'll be reviewing all the products individually in due course, particularly as most are available in the UK from sites like Escentual and Cult Beauty.

Have you tried many French pharmacy products? Which do you rate the most?

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